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Doctor's Appointment

About Us

We are a team of providers here for all your family, primary, urgent, and preventative care needs through our membership model, free of any insurance.


Our mission is to provide exceptional patient care in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves in our 15 minute or less response time, because we know every second counts.

We are Membership based, and do not accept insurance. However, you may continue to hold primary insurance in conjunction

with our care.

Medicine is not a "one size fits all" model.  Each patient has individualized needs, and being able to meet those needs is vital. Square1 allows for partnership between provider and patient, ultimately improving better health outcomes and satisfaction.

Square 1 Healthcare

Direct Primary Care

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Membership Benefits 

Unlimited, accessible, highly personalized health care for a low monthly cost

Available evenings & weekends to avoid unnecessary ER visits, urgent care visits,

or hospitalizations

In-office appointments usually available same day. Virtual care available within 10 minutes.

Email, call, and text anytime of the day

A provider who knows your complete health history and who views the relationship as a team

Adequate time to address your concerns and answer all questions

Comprehensive annual wellness consultation with personalized labs and lifestyle counseling

Free from insurance dictating rules,  limitations, and requirements around your care

Close monitoring of chronic illnesses together, for peace of mind

How to become a Member


Click "Join Now"

Complete online enrollment form. You will receive an email and call from us shortly welcoming you to our service. 


Initial Assessment

We will address any immediate concerns and refill any prescriptions you may need.


Service Begins

Enjoy unlimited calls, texts, emails, and office visits with your provider. Access to medical care is easy with us.

Tell me more about how my membership works?

How is my membership billed, after I sign up?

Simple! You pay for the membership either quarterly or annually by cred/debt card or bank payment. You could use health insurance for any labs, testing and medications, but not for your monthly membership. Some health-share programs like Zion Health & Liberty Healthshare often will reimburse you part of our monthly membership.



What does my membership include?

* All appointments (No co-pays or facility fees)

All in-office procedures (eg. laceration repairs, wart & cyst removals,     joint injections, and much more!)

* At-cost pricing for all labs, medications, and imaging

Example  of current pricing:

Complete blood count - $5

Cholesterol Panel - $7

A1C - $12

X-ray - $85

CT Scans - $450

MRI - $600



What is not covered?

Hospital or Specialists visits

Labs, Imaging, or Medications

How do I pay?

We bill quarterly or annually. We accept all major credit/debit cards, ACH, HSA/FSA, or bank payments. Medishare programs like Zion Health & Liberty Healthshare often will reimburse a portion of your Square 1 membership

Alternatives to traditional insurance who recommend DPC:

Zion Health


Liberty HealthShare

Samaritan Ministries

Rosetta Health Advisor


I have health insurance,
why do I need your

When you are sick it can take days or weeks to get an appointment.

We are available 24/7 for all your healthcare questions and needs. 

We give you peace of mind knowing you have a healthcare advocate at your fingertips.

I'm fairly healthy and don’t go to the doctor often. How does this benefit me?

We all benefit from services tailored to our needs, and your health care should be no different.

Inevitably we will all get sick or injured. Being able to access your provider during the day or after hours is crucial to recovery and getting back to life and work.  

What happens after hours and on weekends?

Call, email, or text us. We will answer, take care of your urgent concern,  and meet you at the office if that's best.

Do you bill my insurance?

No. We work directly for you by providing exceptional, personal, and direct health care without the increasing constraints and limitations of private insurance companies.

As your patient, do I
still need health insurance?

We recommend you continue to have health insurance to cover health care costs beyond the services we offer such as hospitalization and surgeries.

The most cost-effective insurance to pair with our direct primary care clinic would be a high deductible plan. 

HSA/FSA, QSEHRA & cafeteria 125 plans often have additional benefits.  Talk to your insurance broker for additional saving opportunities.

Does your practice accept Medicare/Medicaid patients?

Currently, Medicare does not allow us to bill them for our services.

I am uninsured. Can
you be my doctor?

Yes. other than Medicare, we accept patients with any insurance policy.

Is your practice a concierge model?

We operate as Direct Primary Care not concierge care. 

Concierge practices have higher monthly costs and they also bill your

insurance company on top of their monthly cost, so you would be responsible for additional copays, deductibles, and facility fees

Is the membership fee

Everyone's situation is different, so please ask your tax specialist for

more information about this. Ask about HSA/FSA, QSEHRA,

and cafeteria 125 plans.

What happens if I need to see

We refer you to the specialist or hospital system of your choice and they will bill your insurance. Mayo, Cleveland, Barnes, Shriners, anywhere, you choose.

What happens if I need to
be admitted to the hospital?

The hospital physician team will take over your care while you're

admitted, but we will continue to be here as your advocate.

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