A low monthly fee,     on the road to healthy

 Immediate, affordable, and sincere   healthcare for you

"Very impressed! I’m very confident in James. I have been pleasantly surprised by the increased care achieved by the direct care model. I highly recommend this office."​​


Simple pricing based on your age.


My direct primary care plans are priced very reasonably, based on the age range of the patient. These direct primary care plans are simple and straight-forward and are intended to provide you the care you need, when and how you need it. These reasonable rates are many times less than the average person is paying for a mobile phone or internet bill each month.

Membership Prices

Medicare does not allow my practice to bill medicare eligible patients if there is a chance I will take care of them elsewhere, like at the ER, which I work at a couple nights a month.  I continue working at the ER to maintain certain skill sets and relationships.

     Below 35

Plan A is a comprehensive direct primary care plan for my patients under 35 . You are the group who love the immediacy of electronic communication & mobile devices.



*add  $10 w/o annual payment
Kids $20/mo* after 2 regular memberships

    Age 35-55

Plan B is a comprehensive direct primary care plan for my patients in the age range of 35-55 who know what it’s like to be busy with work or have busy lifestyles.



*add $10 w/o annual payment


    Above 55

Plan C is a comprehensive direct primary care plan for my patients above 55. You are the group who remember your personal, friendly, accessible doctor of yesteryear.



*add $10 w/o  annual payment
$99 registration for new members.  $199 for family registration.
$299 re-entry fee for previous members. 

Guest Pricing: Not a member, but want to try us out?

                                                                    By appointment only. 

Common Guest Concerns

  • Cough or Runny Nose

  • Sore Throat or Sinus Infection

  • Pink Eye or Ear Infections

  • Rashes or Bites

  • Bumps, Bruises or Cuts

  • Urinary Tract Infections

  • Most minor illnesses or injuries.

Guest Office Visit​              

  • $100 : Sports Physicals 

  • $100 : School Physicals 

  • $150 : Work Physicals

  • $299 : Weekdays 8a-5p 

  • $399 : Weekends or Holidays

* Labs, imaging & procedures extra

Additional costs for guests

  • $ 50  : Strep or urine test

  • $100 : Stitches or Staples 

  • $150 : X-rays 

  • $150 : Joint Injections



*Guests, please pick any plan and we change it to a guest visit on our end.  

Here is a short video explaining how our practice works.