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  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    We often have same-day visits available but to be respectful of every patients time, we are by appointment only. Simply message or call us and we'll get you in quickly.
  • Do you accept HSA or FSA cards?
    Of course we do. We accept all credit/debit cards, e-checks, and automatic bank transfers.
  • Do you accept my insurance?
    All insurance plans can be used for labs, imaging, and medications but just not for our visits. Lab & imaging prices are often lower with Square 1 Healthcare compared to your health insurance plan. Per CMS rules, Medicare patients can not join because I may end up taking care of them at an Emergency Room, where I work to maintain certain professional relationships and a high level of procedural skill sets. We think it's ridiculous that the governement does not allow a person to choose how they spend their hard earned money.
  • What is included with my Square 1 membership?
    We are your family doctor, pediatrician, and urgent care offices all under one roof. Unlimited visits in-person, online, or by text messaging. Available 24/7 to avoid expensive emergency room or urgent care costs. Office procedures like joint injections, laceration repair, wart removal, and nebulizers. Please see our SERVICES page for a more comprehensive list of included services. Interested in a service that's not listed, just ask us :) Exclusive member prices for labs, medications, diagnostics & pathology studies. ​ Examples: $5 Amoxicillin & Metformin $10 Z-Pack $5 Complete blood count $8 Cholesterol Panel $50 Coronary Calcium Score $85 X-ray $450 CT Scans $550 MRI
  • What is not included with my membership?
    Hospital or Specialist visits Labs, imaging, or testing Immunizations or medications
  • How does our relationship work?
    Simple – you sign up, meet me, and always enjoy fantastic care! Call, text, or see me whenever you need to, without any co-pays, deductibles, facility fees or surprise bills in the mail. You always receive immediate access, up-front pricing, and 24-7 availabilty all delivered with sincerity, compassion, and truth.
  • Can I contact you after hours for emergencies?
    By all means, yes! Because illness and injury do not respect regular office hours, you may contact us any day, at any hour. Call, email, or text us. and we will take care of any concerns, and meet you at the office whenever necessary.
  • What happens if I need to be admitted to the hospital?
    The hospital physician team will take care of you while you're admitted, but you and I will continue to stay in touch and get through this together. I work at the local Emergency Room which allows me a great working relationship with the folks there and ensures I always maintain a high level of skill sets.
  • As a patient of Square 1 Healthcare, will I need health insurance?
    Yes. We aim to provide the majority of the care you will need, but medical conditions and illnesses can arise that require specialty care, hospitalization or surgery. Direct Primary Care model is not intended to take the place of health insurance.
  • I already have health insurance so how will Square 1 benefit me?
    You always receive same-day visits, up-front pricing, 24-7 availabilty, and your doctors cell phone number. Studies showed the average individual paid $440/mo or $5380 annually for their health insurance premium. On top of the $5380, patients are also resposible for additional copays, deductibles, and facility fees that are not covered with insurance. Square 1 Healthcare membership starts at $600 for an entire year with no additional surprise bills. Unlike insurance, this plan provides you unlimited access to primary care and include all office visits, virtual visits, texts, calls, and e-mails for free with your membership! Health insurance is not Healthcare. Square 1 Healthcare is the simple way to better patient care.
  • Is the membership tax-deductible?
    Everyone's situation is different, that would be a question for your accountant. We do know that using an HSA, FSA, or cafeteria 125 plan does provide significant tax savings.
  • Is there still a tax penalty for not having a qualified health plan?
    As of January 01, 2020 the Federal Governemnt removed the Individual Mandate from the Tax Code. Although we recommend a Health Insurance plan that will provide covereage in case of hospitalization or emergency, it is not currently required in the state of Illinois
  • Are my medical records ever shared with insurance carriers, drug companies, or hispital systems?
    We maintain scrupulous standards of privacy. We are never obligated to provide any third party with a copy of your records, unless you specifically ask that we do so. Our office and electronic health record system is independent and not affiliated with any other clinical organizations.
  • How is Square 1 different from a traditional medical practice?
    My direct primary care practice is patient focused, not problem focused. The current system comprised of rushed visits and brief encounters does not allow for the development of the doctor-patient relationship. Time is required to get to know my patients and to understand their symptoms, context, fears, and concerns. This relationship is integral to providing exceptional care for the patient and I will have as much time as we need to address every problem you have every time. ​ I work for the patient, and only the patient. The disruption of the doctor-patient relationship by insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid has complicated the practice of medicine. By removing this barrier to personalized care, I am restoring control of your healthcare decisions to you, the patient. We will work together to determine what is best for you. ​ I can handle simple problems without an office visit. This probably sounds crazy, but it’s true. Currently, the only way a physician can get paid by insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid is to see patients in the office, which more often than not means a large chunk of your valuable time. Often the problem is simple and could be handled in a few minutes with direct communication. I won’t be forced to see a high number of patients to pay expensive overhead costs, and will therefore be available to answer you directly when you need me, anytime by phone, email, or text. ​ My practice is limited to a smaller number of patients, allowing me the flexibility to be available when you need me.
  • Are you a concierge medical practice?
    Its called Direct Primary Care but if I had to consider it concierge care, I’d call it “concierge care for every person.” Concierge doctors usually charge you a LOT more than us plus they bill your insurance also on top of their expensive monthly fee.
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